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          液位計、液位變送器、控制器、ds18b20 網站新聞



          Sailing designs and manufactures industrial products for measurement and control of temperature, humidity, pressure and level.
          We also provide technical consulting and products custom engineered services.

          For the past ten years relying the high quality warranty and exceptional customer service Sailing has grown from a simple trader of temperature elements to a national leader in thermal sensors market.

          It is our commitment – to provide our customers with superior products and services for their individual needs.

                 www.thomasguo.com©2013 All Rights Reserved. Beijing Sailing Technology CO;Ltd
          Rm. 1711, Building A, No.32, Xizhimen North Avenue, Haidian District, Beijing, CHINA
          Postcode:100082 E-mail:sailing@263.net.cn
          Tel :86 10 62230011 Fax:86 10 62230033